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Our calculator

Our calculator

family Calculator is Easy to Calculate Loan to See Interest and Total Cost of Loan of Selected Period.

Using the calculator is very easy:

  • Choose a slider for the interest rate offered by the lender,
  • Choose a repayment deadline;
  • Choose a loan amount;
  • Choose the type of repayment plan: If you want an equal share of the loan principal or mobile phone with bulk sized payments.

The loan calculator then shows exactly how much you have to pay back in a month, and what the loan balance is at a given time.

When choosing a suitable loan offer, our calculator will definitely help. So you can accurately calculate the cost of the loan and can plan your budget breakdown.

Sometimes it is hard to imagine what a loan repayment is actually, because only “10%” does not give much information and so much you can’t borrow even to guess how expensive you really are.

With our visual I give a loan without an unsecured calculator, you can get a clear picture of the actual expected cost down and can plan your cash flows.

PS: If you want to calculate Interest Amounts, we are also a special interest calculator.

How to choose the best loan?

How to choose the best loan?

The goal of family is to help explain the bond issue, and we have several different tables that rank Estonian loan companies. Since loan companies are ranked according to their cost, you can get credit comparison tables very quickly to find the most appropriate solution.

Every situation is different in terms of credit reasonable, but you should always compare the options, otherwise you might end up with too expensive credit runs out! Avoid comparing it with loan terms companies.

Loans total cost

Loans total cost

Keep in mind that only annual interest on the loan is not a sign of associated spending.

The annual percentage rate of charge refers to the actual cost of the loan – it covers the entire repayment period, the interest rate loan and other additional costs.

Below we give you some tips to determine the total cost of the loan and find the best loan offer.

Lowest Rate = Most Affordable Loan?

The lowest interest rate does not necessarily mean that it is the most favorable loan offer.

Compare April lenders – the smaller the part, the better the loan. (For example, an annual loan rate of 15% and an effective rate of 58% more than a loan rate of 20%, but an effective rate of 56%).

contract management

Some lenders charge a monthly fee for contract management.

In general, this amount remains within the range, although a few euros, but in the long run the loan may be appropriate, so a small fee to accumulate quite hefty. Not all lenders ask, but it is wise to choose a loan provider who does not want a monthly management fee.

Shipping cost bills

Although it is no longer, some lenders send invoices by mail rather than electronically.

It is usually possible to apply for an electronically sent, which does not involve any additional costs, but if the loan provider has a habit of sending bills by mail, and you do not ask the opposite, it can give long-term credit periods tens of euros extra.

Loan award fee

Many loan providers tend to ask for a loan.

Unsecured loans generally do not have such fees, as well as the amounts are small, but the real estate loan contract fee can add up to hundreds of euros, notary fees, on-site valuation fees, insurance and other expenses that can be quite high on prepayment costs.

Calculate the cost of a loan, remember that all the extra costs that different lenders have. All these factors can make a seemingly favorable loan offering quite expensive, so it should be considered in advance.